Monday, December 30, 2013

Old Nr 2249

Last post for the year 2013 is this pix of your old diarist driving his George Szabo-built Cates Moth to weather at the 1963 summer invitation regatta at Sea Isle City.  I was 16 years old, and didn't have a care in the world or a head of white hair for that matter!  That Seidelmann sail looks well set in spite of having the primitive tied-off sail shape controls of the day for outhaul, downhaul, etc.  At a strapping 150 lbs. it looks like I had my hands full keeping her flat while driving to weather in maybe 12 knots of breeze.  Photo courtesy of Dave Schill.  I wonder where my old boat is tonight.  Perhaps enriching the earth?  I hope for a better outcome than that.  She was a sweet boat.  I hope she's still sailing and treasured by someone somewhere.  I had to let her go in the early 1970s when I entered the service with a draft number of 52.


  1. Great picture and a beautiful boat. Here's to making more good memories in 2014, George.

    I came within a hair's breadth of enlisting until they held the draft lottery and my number was 336. Thank you for serving in my place!

  2. I know that place!!! Great photo!

  3. That was my home club and I know I was either in front of you or behind. Doesn't matter. #2499 is in the same place as 2249. I didn't have a draft #. Five years after that picture I was in the Navy!!!