Monday, March 31, 2014

So you wanna go Moth foiling?

I don't know anything about this boat other than what the seller discloses in the ad; that and the notion of hydrofoiling involves way too much exercise for your inherently lazy old diarist, but YOU, friend, can check it out here: 

With a price of only $3K this must be the cheapest intro to hydrofoil sailing on the planet.  Sounds like somebody got tired of their beach toy...


  1. That's Guillume's Moth. Not a bad boat but like all of 'em it will take someone who isn't afraid to slap on some carbon when stuff breaks. Guillume has a long-term loan of a Bladerider which is relatively ancient in the Int'l Moth world and has been campaigning it. He should be at Charleston this weekend. I'd buy his boat for $3K if I didn't have mine.

  2. Thanks for the input John. I posted the link to the craigslist ad on the yahoo moth boat group as well as facebook. Hopefully he'll find a buyer.