Friday, April 25, 2014

A John Shelley design Moth Boat is under construction

Bill Boyle is at it again.  This time he's building a Shelley for a customer up in Sag Harbor, New York.  You can follow the boat's progress here:


  1. Hey George,
    Is this a different version of the boat I drafted for you? looks basically the same, but the drawing presentation is different from those I recall you loaned.
    Enjoying the blog!

  2. This is the Mk I version. I think the drawings for the patent submission don't accurately capture the shape of the concave sections at the transom. The rest seems OK. Have you started building your Shelley?

  3. No, I'm about a month away from finishing a Sooty Tern. I think the Shelly may be next. I'll be watching Bill's progress with great interest.

  4. Forms are set up in my garage for the Shelley Mark III Bill is building. I am restoring a McCutcheon mark I side by side. Will send pics.

  5. Thanks! Look forward to watching the rebirth of Deacon's old boat.