Friday, May 23, 2014

Maine Moth Update

Back in April I posted that Moths were under construction up at Cottrell's Boat Yard in Searspoint.  Yesterday Lynn Cottrell sent me some photos of their progress.  Since that initial report, Cottrells have started a second Moth.

The first hull is to the right.  One can immediately see the difference in volume between the two boats.  Hull Nr 2 is shallower and more closely resembles Mint, particularly when viewed from the stern.
Here's a bow shot of the two boats.  Both boats feature a full bow section rather than the hollow bow as in the original Bill Lee design. The full bow should be faster than the original design but also will provide a wetter ride for the skipper.  It will be interesting to see how these boats perform once they hit the water.  Glad to see that it's warm enough in Maine for Dandelions!
  Compare Dale's Moths with the period photo (below) of Charlie Fuller's Presto.


  1. Two different hulls. Looks like they added about 1 1/2" of freeboard to the one on the right (from the transom view picture).

  2. Yes, nice boats. They only have photos to go by and the customer wants the Mint shape. They're getting closer with the second boat. Hopefully those boats will spark some interest in Classic Moths up in the Pine Tree State.