Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meanwhile, down in Cornwall...

A few years ago Martin Scott over in Penzance requested a set of Mistral plans.  We had a bit of bother with the international post but he eventually got them.  Martin was at that time busy with the restoration of a pair of National 12 dinghies and so the Moth, although started, was left on the back burner.  Today Martin sent me a photo of his Mistral hull which he built in a female jig.  She looks quite nice!  Here's what Martin has to say:  "I built it in a female frame jig on the floor and I took it out yesterday to see if will stay straight on its own. Yes its very stable with just a 2mm adjustment on the port gunwale a couple of feet from the bow.  . I should finish the keel tape and resin tomorrow so it can go back in the jig for finishing. I have used Robbins 4mm five ply and should look nice when all varnished. In the above state we are up to 19kg which is not bad as 5 ply is quite heavy. I have eye surgery scheduled for October - notwithstanding all my problems I still hope to have the Moth finished and sailing it in the spring."

Evolution fresh from the jig.  She looks quite sweet.  I hope Martin sends some detailed pix of that building jig.  Most guys pull up the skin panels of a Mistral hull by eye and hence no two Mistrals are ever quite the same!

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