Wednesday, June 17, 2015

24th Annual BYC Classic Moth Regatta

Where did 24 years go?  Diaristwoman and I have been organizing this event for almost a quarter century.  I probably should wait until we hit 25 years before pounding my chest, but hell, I might be dead before then.

For this year's edition I'm expecting 14 boats with at least three in each CMBA division.  So far that includes 4 boats in Generation II (the greyhounds of the fleet), 7 in Gen I and 3 in Vintage.  I'll be sailing Bill Boyle's vintage Ventnor providing he doesn't destroy the boat before arriving at the venue.  Yesterday he dropped the mast which broke right at the hounds!  After a furious afternoon of glass and epoxy work he has kludged the poor dear back together.  I told him that he need not break the boat just to avoid having a little competition!  Is he getting nervous?  You decide.  Below is a pix of my ride, taken this afternoon following completion of mast repairs.

Both Bill and I started our Moth racing careers in identical Ventnor Moths.

Joe Bousquet will also make an appearance after a long hiatus.  He'll be sailing my woodie Europe Gypsy which has been in his keeping for the past three years (getting a fore deck replacement).  I can't wait to see the boat once again on the water--this time in the hands of a much better sailor!

If you live close, (Baydog), then come on down to Brigantine Yacht Club (10th Street and Bayshore Ave. Brigantine) this Saturday for a close up look at a wide range of Moth designs.  Skipper's meeting is at 10 am, first whistle soon thereafter.


  1. Just making sure the boat is 100%. Don't want any bitchin after the racing is done!!!

  2. We'd both better be carefully or Greg will spank the pair of us with that Etchells Connecticut!

  3. the Spankings will now begin. Didn't think I was going to miss a chance at prerace banter did ya.

  4. Congratulations on 24 years! and all the very best for a great event!

  5. For a "moth eaten" blog, you sure have a load of beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. My pleasure. Presently, spectating is about all that I'm permitted to do as I recuperate from the head trauma I experienced back in early July when I took a fall at the ice rink. I'll be posting more pix soon. The Classic Moth Boat Nationals took place during the 3rd weekend in September and I was on the Race Committee boat.

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