Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Long Distance, please.

Fellow blogger Tweezerman alerted the Classic Moth Boat faithful about a boat which popped up on Craigslist the other day.  This boat is waaaaay out in the Chicago area.  I always marvel at how far these little boats travel given that the Moth Class during the 1960s was basically an east coast regional phenomenon regardless of it's "International Moth Class Association" name.  True international status didn't happen until the early 1970s.  After that organizational change, the Moth class promptly died out in the U.S. !  Anyway, here are some pix of the boat on offer.

The Craigslister describes the boat as a "Challenger" Moth but she is clearly a Cates-Florida design.  I like the great white shark paint theme!

The sail is from the Fred Bremen loft down in Miami, FL.  Was this boat originally part of the Miami YC Moth fleet?

The transom is deeper than that of a stock Cates-Florida boat.  One wonders who build her?  She appears to be wood construction and sports a center main sheet arrangement which was only seen in a few Moths in the 1960s.

 Those in the mid-west who may be reading this post can contact the seller for more info via his ad:

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