Saturday, July 3, 2021

29th BYC Moth Boat Regatta. Part 1

Covid canceled the Classic Moth regatta in 2020. 2021 should have been the event's 30th running--but it wasn't. If fact restrictions were barely lifted in time for this year. The Classic Moth Boat event is traditionally held on the Saturday before Father's Day so to not conflict with the club's other events. But I suppose a cancelation once every 30 years isn't too shabby a record. This year's regatta attacted 10 boats with three Vintage Moths, four in Gen I and three Gen II boats. Conditions were a bit blowy at first but we got in seven short races and were eating lunch by 2-ish. As per usual, my daughter Ingrid helped out on the RC boat and took the photographs which follow.
The day started off cloudy and blustery with wind  predictions in the 15 to 20 knot range.  By race time the winds were 15 out of the SE and softened slightly as the day wore on.
Joe Bousquet was first to launch.  Here he finishes adjustments to Try-Umph before heading out.  Joe was using his new Evolution sail for the first time.  He used the number "11" for this regatta.  He wants to do a bit of sail testing before he decides which of his boats will have the new sail.  Once decided, he will apply the correct number.
Erik was second to test the water.
Most skippers followed Joe B's lead and rolled their boat down the small ramp that leads to the floating dock rather than use the launch ramp seen by the bulkhead.  When the wind is out of the SE or SW, it is difficult to launch from the ramp while it is much more relaxed to launch from the leeward side of the float.  Fortunately, Moths are light and narrow enough to roll down the small ramp to the float!  In this photo we see Greg Duncan's vintage division Connecticut and Mike Parsons' Gen II Mistral on the float.

Joe B. wanted Ingrid to snap some shots of him planing.  We'll see how she did as I go through the pix.
Here's Mike P. on a slight plane.
Even the Europes want to play.
Your old diarist staying sunny side up.
John Z's Mistral.  John was impressed enough with Joe B.'s new Evolution sail that he ordered one at the end of the regatta.  Blogger is giving me problems so I will end this post now and continue with Part 2 in a little minute or so.

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