Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roadside New Jerseyana; Exhibit 1

As one travels the road of life one sees many curious sights.  From time to time I pull over, wind down the window and snap a pix of the strange, the whacky and the sometimes downright tacky sights encountered along the way.  New Jersey has a seemingly endless and rich array of  weird stuff.  Today's entry features the "hubcap tree" of Williamstown.  I passed it yesterday on the way to another south Jersey winery.

This hubcap tree is a local landmark along the stretch of Route 322 which is part of the old Black Horse Pike.  It's been here for years.  I've often wondered why anyone would buy a hubcap that already has a bad track record of not wanting to stay on its original wheel.


  1. No doubt I would've stopped and taken a photo of that as well. But then I've been known to do stuff like that.

    1. In terms of weird stuff, New Jersey indeed is a target rich environment!