Monday, July 2, 2012

Brigantine Beach Fitness Trail

While taking a walk along the beach the other day I encountered something new.  No, not the creature from the black lagoon; something a bit more positive--a series of workout stations positioned about two tenths of a mile apart running from 17th Street South to about 37th Street South.  Meet the Brigantine Beach Fitness Trail.

This is the start of the trail at 17th Street, assuming one will follow it from north to south. Each station has a sign describing the exercise(s) to be done plus a sturdy wooden platform (see next pix). 

The work out stations  are located in the soft sand which means you get an extra workout if you elect to jog close to the dunes from station to station.

This is the station located between 20th and 21st Streets.
The reflectors are to prevent beach patrol vehicles from running into the platforms in the dark. 

Here's the instruction sign for the 25th Street station.
And here is the apparatus.

I'm happy to report that the island youth have enthusiastically embraced the spirit of physical fitness!

Next up are leg stretches and push ups at the 29th Street station.

No push ups yet for your recovering diarist.

Further along (33rd Street) is this station for body tuck and leg stretches.
I found the body tuck to be challenging with my limited right hand range of motion.
The final station at 37th Street mentions a bar to hold onto but I didn't see it.

It's either an invisible bar or a work in progress.  Either way the fitness trail, instituted by City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal, is a welcome addition to the beach. 


  1. This is turning into a Garden State Of Mind kind of blog. I'm warm and fuzzy. The Father's Day Scotch doesn't hurt.

    1. I'm warm and fuzzy too--especially after last Friday's storm knocked out our electric. We got it back late this afternoon. The little generator I have conked out so we had to ditch two refrigerators full of food. C'est la vie...